Custom Manufacturing

Vangoddy is not only a leader in directly providing customers with quality and price efficient products we also offer business to business solutions as well. We have worked hard to build, acquire, and maintain all the necessary channels and tools needed to provide top of the industry manufacturer solutions. We provide Manufacturing solutions that span from sub-assemblies all the way to completely turnkey products. Vangoddy is able to fit your business needs regardless of size rather a large quantity or a small quantity is needed, Vangoddy will work with you every step of the way to create a solution. We look forward to working with you: Contact us here!

Design and Development

In Vangoddy’s effort to offer full and effective services over any supply chain, we have hired a talented and knowledgeable team in the area of development and design. We offer many first step services to get the ball rolling on your company’s next big project from market research, to product drafts and even into manufacturing capabilities! Our friendly, well spoken and widely diverse team can answer any questions you may have. We look forward to working with you: Contact us here!

Custom Packaging

To complete your Manufacturing needs Vangoddy has the capability of Custom Packaging! We can solve any packaging needs regardless of the size of the item or the protection needed; however, packaging does not stop at size and protection. Packaging sells your brand and your product just as much as your sales channels and listing quality. Our team is prepared and capable to work with you to come up with an efficient and effective solution to strengthen your brand and your company’s reputation! Please do not hesitate to learn more about what Vangoddy can offer you: Contact us here!